Many single people feel it unnecessary to write a Will, believing that Wills are just for people who are rich, old, own property, are married or have children. However, even if none of those applies, you still need a plan!

Don't you want to make sure that your estate and possessions are divided amongst family, friends, and the charities of your choosing upon your death!?

You're never too young to do some basic estate planning. Drawing up a simple plan can be one of the best gifts you can give to your family and friends. Without it, your loved ones could spend countless hours and dollars battling courts and each other to carry out what they think you would have wanted.

Without a legal Will, there is no control over your assets or estate. The law will decide what happens to everything that belonged to you; which may be contrary to you wishes. Your loved ones may lose out on receiving the proper distribution of their inheritance.

livingwillslivingwill01.jpgNo matter how seemingly insignificant your possessions, it's important to make the matter of settling your death as easy as possible on your family. You know better than anyone else how you want your assets divided; a little planning now can lift a huge weight off your family's shoulders.

Once you have drawn up a Will, you should revisit it if your life situation changes. There are certain times in your life when you will need to create a new Will or alter your existing one. You should at all times have an up to date and valid Will so that you are always prepared for the unexpected!