Dear Professional Wills,

I was just pondering my estate planning and need for Wills and thought you might be able to help and hope we can arrange a meeting to discuss.

To give you a little background……..

We currently reside in Hong Kong and have our own business here and in fact operate several different types of business in the retail sector.  We are also involved in various businesses with an array of ownerships i.e. I own some in my name, some jointly with my wife and some jointly with various friends and even one on trust for a good friend.  We have some with agreements and others without.  Some shareholders are also directors and some not.

We also have a business in Thailand that has its own complexities, which I can explain later. 

In addition we a number of properties in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and the BVI and each has a combination of different owners including business and family friends.

At present, our home is Hong Kong, and at this stage, we have no immediate plans to change this status.  We have 2 adult sons and I have a stepdaughter from a previous relationship living elsewhere.  There is an issue with one of my children, which adds complexity as she requires assistance. 

That’s about the basics of our set up… our main concern is the multiple country location of assets.  We need to discuss best way forward to deal with each countries laws and regulations plus circumstances and challenges these may present to our estate.

Interested in your initial thoughts, along with information required + ballpark figures of costs and fees involved and suggestions on possibly setting up family trust or other clever ideas you have up your sleeve …

Looking forward to your reply and possible suggestions on a way forward.

Kind regards