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It is odd to say that we don’t like this ad very much but it is true.  We are meant to like our own ads but….

All folk who have assets (let alone family members) ought to have a Will - so that the ones they love can be named as beneficiaries.  This clearly applies to all nationalities including locals or  expats.

We use it to capture in the mind a need for expats who are away from their own home country and, one might argue, there is a stronger case for them to put a Will in place.  I don’t like that wording either, as it might give the message that local residents of HK (of whatever nationality) might feel that in their case, it is not as equally important.  Not true.

So, whoever you are reading this, if you need a Will, or need one up-dating, do get in touch and we will be delighted to work with you whoever you are J

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